Decade of Road To Rouen

Celebrating 10 years since the release of Road To Rouen.

Recorded in rural France and Oxford, released on 15th August 2005, our fifth studio album made number 9 in the UK charts.

I described the mood of the album in Oxford music magazine Nightshift at the time. “French life is particularly slow paced, where people take their time to savour the flavours of life. If we’d recorded it in London it would have been a very different, perhaps more confused, record.”

More memorabilia posted at: Children of the Monkey Basket
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ADDED BY JOHN · 7:29 PM · 27 JUNE 2017
For Fucks sake what does it take ? How many people heave to ask you.....Get your differences sorted out before it's too late...Life is too short. You were one of the best bands around.....Get it together and get back together....Now get MOVING!!!
ADDED BY PEBBLES · 4:59 PM · 22 JUNE 2017
Guys, please tell your people to get their shit together and re-release your back catalogue on vinyl already while there are still folks looking to snatch them up!

It's a shame and an injustice to the band's legacy that it's so hard to get a hold of your music. No one buys cds and digital sucks. Please try to get those records out in this lifetime, even if in a limited run. Supergrass releases have never been easy to come by outside of the UK and when they do pop up the prices are ridiculous! Love to ya XX
ADDED BY MIKE BROWN · 4:07 AM · 10 JUNE 2017
whisky and green ....what's the story behind that song? mushrooms, prostitutes, blackouts? Luv it.
ADDED BY MR DYLAN · 5:39 PM · 7 JUNE 2017
Get back together you fuckers!
ADDED BY BILLY · 5:09 PM · 17 MAY 2017
Hi you guys, particularly Gaz and Danny, I guess. Do you remember sleeping on the floor at our flat in Glasgow in 1992, when, as The Jennifers, you played Strathclyde University Union and The Music Box in Edinburgh. I was the tall, skinny and incredibly handsome ginger friend of Jake O'Shaughnessy from Oxford who showed you cats the sights and wonderful sounds of early 90s Glasgow. I hope you're all doing fine and contemplating coming over here to Northern Ireland soon, reforming the band and rocknrolling our asses off some time. Regards, Billyboy
ADDED BY JONATHAN · 10:09 PM · 27 APRIL 2017
Top 3 of the 2000s as well. And quite easily.
ADDED BY DIEGO · 1:40 PM · 27 APRIL 2017
Great band!!!! one of the best band in the 90's!!!!

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